Andy Jurinko


Artist's Statement

Painting the female figure represents a challenge inasmuch as the subject has been such a major part of art history.

Perhaps the depiction of women reveals more about a particular time and culture than any other subject, as well as revealing the character of the artist.

After forty years of painting a wide spectrum of the human figure, I have devoted the past six years to making pictures of erotic and glamorous nude women. For me, these images reflect a new stylized, exaggerated form of female beauty and sexuality that informs much of our popular culture. They might be figures from a Helmut Newton photograph, a Stanley Kubrick film or the fantasy world of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. These paintings are inspired by fashion models, actresses, performers and women I have known. I feel I have imbued these images with a sense of provocative intelligence, mystery and perhaps even danger. This perception is enhanced by my use of intense and vivid color.


As our culture moves into the 21 st century our lives are increasingly affected by the electronic, digital, virtual and artificial images we are exposed to. My paintings are influenced by and a reflection of this new reality which some may find verges close to the pornographic.


My objective in executing these paintings is to present stimulating images of women who are both assertive and yet alluring. The paintings are done from a masculine point of view while hopefully appealing to a feminine sensibility.

Andy Jurinko

New York City - 2009



For more than forty years, Andy Jurinko’s hyper-realistic paintings have provided viewers with an unconventional glimpse into familiar aspects of American popular culture. Prior to the 1990’s, when Jurinko embarked on a 12 year project that produced more than 600 paintings depicting baseball’s Golden Age, the artist’s subject matter ranged from female nudes to B- list movie stars to the average passerby. His book, “Heart of the Game” is an illustrated celebration of the American League from 1946-1960. (Publication of the National League version has yet to be determined).


Jurinko lived and painted in the shadow of the World Trade Center since late 1977. Following  an 18 month displacement as a result of the September 11. 2001 attacks, Jurinko and his wife designer Patricia Moore returned to their home in March 2003.


Born in New Jersey in 1939, he attended the Philadelphia Museum College of Art in 1961-1963.


In October of 1964 Jurinko moved to San Francisco where he was employed as a technical illustrator by the Bechtel Corporation. His first solo exhibition was in September 1967 at the Lowell Colbus Gallery in Sausalito, CA.


Jurinko returned to the east coast in 1968, residing in New Hope, PA while working as a designer for Princeton University Press.

Moving back to Mill Valley, CA in 1970, Jurinko was named art director for San Francisco’s City Magazine (owned by Francis Ford Copolla). A major exhibition of his work opened in September 1975 at the Triangle Gallery in San Francisco, CA.


In October 1975 he moved to New York City where he has since resided. The Noho Gallery was the site of Jurinko’s first solo New York exhibition. His editorial art was featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, on Broadway (“Open Admissions” at the Music Box Theatre) and for Columbia Pictures “Fun With Dick and Jane”. From 1979- 1983 Jurinko illustrated and art directed Barron’s Business Weekly. In 1986 he began exhibiting at Gallery Henoch in Soho, including one man shows there in 1989 and 1996.

His baseball paintings have appeared on the covers and in more than 20 books. Limited edition prints of his baseball art have been published by Bill Goff, Inc. ( of Bantam, CT since 1988. From 2003 to 2011  Jurinko focused on large-scale paintings of glamorous female nudes and portraits.

He passed away on Valentines Day 2010.


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